Returning to Exercise After COVID-19

We all know that exercise is important, especially for our physical and mental health. Returning to exercise after an illness is often a very tough battle, particularly after the current Coronavirus outbreak. Netdoctor have put together the steps below to help ease you back into exercise again:

Steps back to exercise

You might feel as if you are starting from scratch but your fitness will return quickly once you feel better. Follow these steps to help you get back to activity safely:

✔️ Make sure you are fully better

See the advice above to ensure you're well enough to get started.

✔️ Take it slowly

Use your common sense and be sensible. Begin with just a short walk. See how you feel and build up gradually from there.

✔️ Listen to your body

If you begin to feel unwell again or you felt completely wiped out by the activity you did, then just move back a step and try again with something easier when you feel able.

✔️ Rest and recover

Your body has been busy healing itself from illness and when you then add exercise to the mix it’s a good idea to allow a little extra sleep and rest for your body to restore and repair itself.

✔️ Stay positive

Pace yourself and take things gradually. It might feel like you’re taking baby steps at first but will be surprised at how quickly you will regain your fitness. Remember that being active will help to keep your immune system in good shape to fight off future infections.

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