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Summer Athletics Development Camp

Ulster University Jordanstown

05 August 2019 » 06 August 2019

Time: 10am-2pm

Cost: £20 per day, or £30 for both days

Athletics NI are hosting an Athletic Development Camp for young people aged 14+ across a wide range of sports. 

This camp would be ideal for athletes hoping to progress to Athletics Northern Ireland's Youth Academy/Speed Power Academy or those graduating from regional Rising Stars programmes (aged 14+) and taking the next steps to condition more specifically for athletics. Content delivered in all of the sessions underpins elite sports training and will also be relevant for any performer aiming to enhance their athletic development. 

Educational session options at this summer’s camp will include:

  • Acceleration Mechanics
  • Upright Running Mechanics 
  • Injury Prevention for Endurance Running/Endurance Athletes 
  • Daily Wellness & Monitoring for Middle Distance/Endurance Athletes

Training session options will include: 

  • Acceleration drills and resisted accelerations 
  • Introductory plyometrics to increase reactivity and decrease ground contact time 
  • Upright Running Drills 
  • Field Based Speed/Power Assessments 
  • Foot & Lower Limb Strengthening Exercises 
  • Introduction to primal movement & basic gymnastics for multi-event athletes/team sport players 
  • Introduction to safely loading foundational movements in the gym including: Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull 
  • Lumbo-pelvic control

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