Athletics 365 Workshop Taking Place in May

23 April 2018

Athletics 365 Workshop Taking Place in May

The Athletics 365 Workshop will take place at Mary Peters Track (Old Coach Road, Belfast - Outdoor Track) on Sunday 20th May from 1-5pm.

This workshop will introduce the Athletics 365 Coach Pack and will discuss the British Athletics Athlete Development Model. The workshop is suitable for coaches/volunteers & sports students.

Delivery of athletics 365 focuses on developmental age of the athletes rather than chronological age and there will be a discussion on child maturation and how this should influence session content for 8-16 year old athletes. Through the supporting manual (included in the workshop cost) club coaches will be provided with a skills based syllabus of progressive athletics activities. This will help to ensure a consistent approach to developing young athletes.

Practical elements of the workshop will allow attending coaches to observe and take part in delivery of sample RUN, JUMP, THROW sessions from the 365 manual. Topics included will be dynamic warm up, running drills, acceleration mechanics, max velocity running, jumping and landing activities, pull and push style throwing and hurdling techniques. Each activity is broken into 9 progressive stages. There will also be a focus on age appropriate physical conditioning. 

Full Details here:

Athletics 365 Workshop

Date: Sunday 20th May 2018

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Venue: Mary Peters Track (Outdoors)

Cost: £22.50 (Includes 200 page Athletics 365 Manual - provided on the day)

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Spaces are limited.