Athlete Health & Support

In this section we cover some of the many frequently asked questions regarding health and support for athletes.

Cardiac screening for the young

If you are aged between 14 and 35 and are involved in Athletics you should consider getting screened for potential heart conditions that could lead to sudden cardiac death. Click HERE to find out more.

I am injured. Can Athletics NI provide me with physiotherapy support?

Unfortunately not. Athletics NI do not directly employ any sports medical support. Athletes on the Podium Ambition programme are provided with access to physiotherapy through the Sport NI Sports Institute (SNISI). All other athletes will need to make their own arrangements for treatment. While we do not endorse any specific practitioners, over the years many Northern Irish athletes have seen the following individuals and not reported any problems:

Running Safety Guidance

UK Athletics in cooperation with the Home Country Athletics Federations have published updated safety advice for runners and joggers as well as suggested guidance for non-runners.

The advice was refreshed following some high-profile cases of harassment of athletes training in public areas. Any abuse or threats against athletes whilst training are completely unacceptable, and the safety guidelines published are to support athletes, recreational runners and other sports people exercising in public to feel prepared for any eventuality.

Download the Running Safety Guidance