Officers & Committees

Official Athletics NI Committees

Patron of Athletics NI: Dame Mary Peters

Main Officer Bearers

President: Dr Ian Taylor
Chairman: David Seaton MBE
General Secretary: John Allen
Honorary Treasurer: Roy Corry


Vice Presidents

Trevor Alderdice and John Glover

Life Members

Mr. D McKibbin, Mr. R Stevenson, Mr. T J Welsh, Mrs. M Kyle, Mrs. A Smyth, Mrs. D Hamill, Mr. A O’Neill, Mr. B Hill, Mr. J Glover, Mr. G Keenan, Mr. M Moffitt, Mrs. P Moffitt, Mr. B Smith, Mr. J McLaughlin, Mr. S Hall, Mrs. P Brown

Management Board

Mr. R Corry, Mr. J Allen, Mr. D Seaton, Mrs L Glover, Dr I Taylor, Mr. J Quinn, Mr. L Hennessey, Mr M. Cooke, Ms U Fay, Ms W Phillips, Mr. E Furey, Mrs B Scott.

Sub-Committee Members

Cross Country & Road Running

J. McLaughlin, J. Quinn, T. Wall, R. Black, P. Magee, M. Mathieson, R. Fullerton, R. Montgomery.

Track & Field Competition Committee

J. Alexander, L. Glover, R. Mack, B. Brodie, B. Scott, K. Scott, E. Ferguson, J. Glover, W. Davis, W. Phillips.