Youth Academy

Youth Academy

Athletics NI’s “Youth Academy” programme aims to nurture the development of promising young athletes as they negotiate their teenage years. It aims to assist selected athletes and their coaches by providing targeted support and mentoring as they progress along the path to success. The Youth Academy is a stepping stone towards international representation and sustained senior success.

The goals for the Youth Academy programme are to:

  • Ensure that athletes develop the required physical competences and fundamental movement skills to engage in senior performance training
  • Improve coaches’ understanding of physical preparation
  • Increase the retention of Northern Ireland’s best age group athletes into the Senior ranks
  • Increased representation on UK and Athletics Ireland U18, U20 and U23 teams
  • Develop young athletes with the aim of selection for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games team.

Youth Academy Features & Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of the programme for both Athletes and Coaches include:

Athletes Coach
  • Movement assessment and report
  • Athlete movement assessment and detailed report highlighting potential areas for improvement
  • Weekly physical preparation sessions at University of Ulster Jordanstown High Performance Centre (UUJ-HPC)
  • Mentoring and support to address highlighted movement issues
  • Indoor track access at UUJ-HPC
  • All coaches are encouraged to attend and actively participate in weekly physical preparation sessions at UUJHPC
  • Lifestyle, Nutrition and Anti-Doping workshops
  • Free access to the Youth Academy Coaches Network and associated events. These cover a number of topics including Olympic Weightlifting, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Anti-doping.
  • Competition support (depending on performance standard)
  • Support with annual planning (if required)
  • Advice on preparation for University scholarship programmes