Antrim Coast Half Marathon 2023

Date: Sunday 27th August 2023

Age Group: Senior

A Northern Ireland and Ulster Senior team comprising of 4 males and 4 females will be selected for this event.

Selection Timeline

Selections will be made on Wednesday 21st June 2023 and athletes will be notified by email the following day.

Selection Panel

Selections will be made by the Athletics Northern Ireland & Ulster Athletics selection panel comprising,

  1. Performance Lead/Endurance Coordinator
  2. The Cross Country and Road Running Chairman (Voting)
  3. A representative of Ulster Athletics Council (voting)
  4. Additional representatives of the Athletics NI Cross Country & Road Running Committee (voting)
  5. An Independent Coach (voting)

The Chair of the panel may also (at his discretion) seek assistance (in a non-voting capacity) from anyone else they feels may be of help.

Any voting member of the Selection Panel shall declare his or her conflict of interest in respect of any selection issue and shall not be entitled to vote on that issue.

Selection Criteria

Performances must have been achieved from April 1st, 2022, until 20th June 2023. Minimum standards have been set for selection and are as follows.



Half Marathon







Please note that these are minimum standards and attainment of the standard does not guarantee selection.

The selection panel will also take into consideration consistency of performances, injury and illness history, and competitive head-to-head records of the athletes.