Competition Opportunities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are currently only three selection opportunities currently available, but the window opens on 1 January (marathon) and 1 April (Track and Field) for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The nomination policy is below. We hope to have more international competition opportunities available once restrictions are eased.

Each year Athletics NI send international teams to several key competitions. The majority of teams are combined Northern Ireland & Ulster teams with the main exception being the NI Commonwealth Games team.

See this link for the Selection Overview.

What opportunities are available?

Athletics Northern Ireland selects teams for International Track and Field, Cross Country and Road events including Commonwealth Games, Home Country Internationals (England, Northern Ireland & Ulster, Scotland and Wales) and Celtic Internationals (Northern Ireland & Ulster, Scotland and Wales).

Athletics Northern Ireland also selects teams of athletes supported by Belfast City Marathon for Inter-area road competitions (North of England, South of England, Midlands, Armed forces, Northern Ireland & Ulster, Scotland and Wales).

Athletes can be selected for Mountain Running Opportunities (U17, U20 and Senior) – this is the responsibility of the Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA). See here for more details.

Athletes can be selected for Ultra Running Opportunities (Senior). This is the responsibility of the Ultra Running Association. Please email Ed Smith for details:

Click on the competitions below to read the Selection Policies

Commonwealth Games

Cross Country

Ultra Running

If you would like to see what it takes to make these teams why not check out the Selection Policies section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I have to do to be selected for a team?

Teams are selected based on the criteria outlined in the selection policies.

Please read the selection policies carefully and make sure you enter the appropriate competitions to give yourself the best chance of being selected.

Who is eligible to compete on an international team?

To be eligible to compete on an international team you generally need to:

  • Be born in Northern Ireland or Ulster
  • Have a parent born in Northern Ireland or Ulster
  • Have been a resident of Northern Ireland or Ulster for more than one year. The only exception is students who typically are not selected until they have undertaken 2-3 years of education in NI or Ulster.

Please note that precise rules vary from team to team and are published in the selection policies.

Who is responsible for team selections?

Teams are chosen by a selection panel that varies on an event to event basis. Overall coordination of this process is undertaken by Athlete Development Lead Tom Reynolds