Coach Development & Qualifications

Athletics NI see the development of coaches and coaching as central to the success of Athletics. We are committed to supporting the ongoing development of coaches in every event and at every level from the grass roots right up to elite senior performance. In this section you can learn more about Athletics NI's vision for coaching and the various coach development opportunities that exist across the province.

How do I become a coach?

To become a coach you will need to undertake a coaching qualification. There are several options available but the first step on the pathway is either the Coaching Assistant (for Track & Field and performance focused coaches) or Leader in Running Fitness (for those who want to help others use running to improve their fitness through programmes like Couch to 5K).

Renew/ Apply For Your Coaching License



I'm a teacher, can you help me?

Athletics NI run teacher training workshops several times a year. We also have several workshops and professional development events that are especially useful for teachers.

What other resources are available?

There has never been a better time to be a coach. Today the internet has given us access to a wide array of information from across the globe. Some of the key resources we suggest include: - British Athletics' dedicated coaching resource with over 1000 hours of video footage from nearly 10 years of coach development events.

Athletics NI Coaches Facebook Page - where we post interesting articles from across the web and also advertise all our upcoming events and courses - Athletics NI's dedicated running community website with resources for running leaders.

Reward and recognition for coaches

Each year several organisations host awards to recognise the valuable contribution that coaches and other volunteers make to sport. If you know a coach you would like to see recognised please visit this section and nominate them for an award.