Athletics Clubs In Northern Ireland

There are over eighty clubs currently affiliated to Athletics Northern Ireland.

Joining a Club

Whether you are an aspiring Olympian or just want to meet new people and get fit, there is a club for you. By joining you can benefit from the knowledge of qualified coaches, and turn your training achievements into results on the competition calendar.  If you don't feel like being competitive then why not just enjoy taking part in the sport with your club on training nights.

Information for Affiliated Clubs

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Important guidance for clubs for compliance with GDPR

New Charity/CASC (Community Amateur Social Club) Legislation

Guidance notes about whether your club needs to take action

National Governing Body affiliation is a vital part of the sport of Athletics and allows the sport to function effectively and fairly. As the national Governing Body, Athletics NI have a responsibility to ensure that all of our clubs act in the best interest of the sport and contribute towards our national strategy, through the provision of high quality coaching, development and competition opportunities. Being affiliated to Athletics NI therefore have a series of benefits including discounts at sanctioned events, access to funding and club support. A full list of the benefits of being affiliated have been outlined in the downloadable document below.


Annual Dues

Club affiliation and athlete registrations are payable annually on 1st April, expiring 31st March. Athlete registrations cease to work from 1st April onwards and athletes will not be able to enter events again until they are re-registered, without exception.

Affiliation (club registration to Athletics NI) is £100 per year.

2019/20 Athlete Registration (individuals' registrations to Athletics NI) is chargeable at:

  • £5 Juniors (turning age 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 before 31 Mar 2020)
  • £10 Seniors (turning 16 or over before 31 Mar 2020)

Athletes turning 10 or younger are not required to pay but may be registered free of charge in order to obtain a valid athlete number.

Athletics Northern Ireland does not invoice for these items, however will issue a receipt upon request.  Reminders are given in the monthly mail-outs, which your secretary receives.


Club Mail Outs

These generally come out around the end of each month, although may vary depending on what's coming up.  Mail outs are the official notice to clubs about payment dues, event closing dates, etc. so further reminders will not be given.  However, most information is available on the website, which is updated daily.

Mail Outs contain important information, so please ensure your secretary will pass the items on.



Please click on the link below for details of club insurance.  Please note that late or non-payment of affiliation, registrations or race permit fees etc may result in your club/coaches/athletes/event being uninsured.



Funding Opportunities for Clubs

Defibrillators for Clubs

Cardiac arrest occurs when someone’s heart stops pumping blood around the body and they stop breathing normally. It is possible to survive and recover from a cardiac arrest, if you get the right treatment quickly. Giving an electric shock through the chest wall, by using a defibrillator is the only way a person can recover from a cardiac arrest. This can be done in the ambulance, or at hospital, or it can be done by a member of the public at the scene of a cardiac arrest if there is a community defibrillator nearby.

Clubs can apply for a defibrillator through the "Defibrillators for Sport Initative". Please visit the Sport NI website to gain more information on how to apply.