British Athletics club places for the TCS London Marathon

Eligible athletics clubs associated with British Athletics may be eligible for club guaranteed entries for the 2024 TCS London Marathon.

The number of entries allocated is based on the number of first claim members over the age of 18 at the club who are registered with British Athletics.

A world record of 578,374 people applied in the ballot for the 2024 TCS London Marathon, the most popular marathon on the planet.

Following our detailed review of the use of club entries allocated in recent years, we are introducing a new ratio of places per member for British Athletics affiliated running clubs. In 2023, only 69 per cent (1,350) of the 1,980 entries allocated to clubs were used and for the 2024 event we are reducing the total number of entries allocated to clubs to 1,515.

For the 2024 TCS London Marathon, the club guaranteed entries will be allocated as follows:

  • Clubs with fewer than 10 first-claim members no longer qualify for a guaranteed entry in the TCS London Marathon
  • Clubs with between 10-39 affiliated members (currently 456 clubs) will be placed in a ballot that will allocate 228 entries, meaning that at least half the clubs will be allocated one entry each
  • Clubs with between 40-189 members will be allocated one guaranteed entry each
  • Clubs with more than 190 members will be allocated two guaranteed entries each

We appreciate that this new allocation may disappoint some clubs, but we want to maintain the balance of places available via the entry system. We will continue to review the entry system on an annual basis.

Please note that we will only accept the number of first-claim members at the club registered as of Tuesday 25 July 2023.

In summary, the allocation of places to clubs will be as follows:

Number of first claim members Number of entries
0-9 Zero
10-39 Ballot for 228 guaranteed entries (one per successful club)
40-189 1
190+ 2

Does my club qualify?

Your club must be associated with British Athletics through one of the below governing bodies with a minimum of 10 first-claim members:

  • England Athletics
  • Scottish Athletics
  • Welsh Athletics
  • Athletics Northern Ireland

How do secure my club’s places?

Please note, places will be allocated to all eligible clubs so your club will not need to apply for 2024 TCS London Marathon places.

Clubs will be emailed by the end of November when club registrations open with either their allocation of places, or for clubs with 10-39 affiliated members, their ballot result. 

Club entries will be at the standard UK entry price of £69.99.

For updated information: London Marathon