Performance Track Bookings at UUJ

The following weekly bookings are in place at the Ulster University Jordanstown Athletics Area and are available for Podium Potential, Commonwealth Potential and Youth Academy Athletes.

Monday 10am-12pm

Tuesday 6pm-7pm (Youth Academy Session 7pm-8pm)

Wednesday 10am-12pm

Thursday 10am-12pm

Saturday 10am-1pm

Note: Please always check for exclusions to these weekly bookings with UUJ Sports Centre Reception before attending a session. 

UUJ track bookings over Christmas

University of Ulster is closed between 22nd December and 2nd January. Please see the following bookings which are available at the UUJ Athletics Area for Podium Potential, Commonwealth Potential and Youth Academy Athletes during this period.

27th December - Jumps session

  • Pole Vault 11am -12.30pm
  • High Jump 12.30pm - 2pm
  • Horizontal Jumps can be either 11am -12.30pm or 12.30pm - 2pm

 28th December - Sprints & Throws

  • 11am-1pm Sprints / Hurdles & Throws

Coaches wishing to make use of this track time for their squads should contact tom@athleticsni.org by 22nd December outlining the session type, areas/lanes required and specify a time slot.

Club or other groups may be able to book training time on these days, please contact the UU Sports Centre Reception.