Support and SINI

Athlete Support Services in Northern Ireland

There are a range of support services available for club and high performance athletes within Northern Ireland. If you are an athlete looking for extra support your first port of call should be your personal coach, first claim and second claim clubs. Your local council can also often be a good source of support, with many councils offering free gym membership and small grants to young athletes. Athletics NI also offer a range of support options for performance athletes through the High Performance Athlete Support Pathway.


Sports Institute of Northern Ireland (SINI)


The Sports Institute Northern Ireland is based at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown.

The Major Games Programme works with sports that participate in the global multi-sport events: the Olympic / Paralympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

In the context of the UK and Ireland these sports tend to have significantly smaller participation than the more mainstream field sports, but their importance in lifting Northern Ireland athletes onto the international stage cannot be overemphasized.

The Sports Institute Northern Ireland (SINI) has an important role to play in preparing these athletes for the demands of international competition. Working through a system that is athlete focused, but coach driven, SINI works with athletes, coaches and national teams from the moment an athlete earns a place in SINI, to ensure that all areas of their development are addressed. Integrating physical, tactical, technical and mental preparation from SINI staff with the range of skills offered by coaches within the sport, the athlete is given opportunities to develop all aspects of their life.