Championship Entries Policy

(Applies to all Cross Country and T&F Championship Entries.)

  1. Entries will only be accepted online
  1. Payment must be made at time of entry
  1. Online entries will close at 5pm on the Tuesday 11 days prior to the event weekend
  1. No entries will be accepted after the Tuesday deadline for entry 
  1. If individuals experience difficulties with the online system then the Athletics NI office must be contacted by phone or email BEFORE the Tuesday deadline to explain the Staff may then accept entries if the online system is at fault
  1. If the Tuesday deadline happens to fall on a public holiday when the ANI office is closed then the relevant deadline will advance to the next day when the ANI office is open, unless advertised otherwise
  1. It is agreed that no late entries will be accepted for inclusion in the event unless a mistake has been made in the Athletics NI office or if the online system has demonstrably
  1. Athletes who arrive on the day of the event will not be added to the start list in any event (Track & Field or Cross Country) unless it can be shown that an administrative error has occurred in the entry process
  1. If an athlete presents at an event seeking to be added to the start list he/she must be immediately referred to the Event Under no circumstances should officials add an athlete to the list or allow him/her to compete as a “guest” or non-scoring athlete. Only the Event Manager can permit late additions to the start lists 
  1. Clubs have a responsibility to ensure that all athletes wishing to compete under their club name in NI & Ulster Championships are aware of these conditions and abide by them 
  2. If an athlete does manage to compete unentered he/she will be disqualified from all following events of that Championship, even if entered legitimately, and the individual and their club will be referred to the ANI/UAC liaison committee who will decide if further action needs to be taken 
  1. All officials will be made aware of these regulations as part of the pre-event briefing.
  2. If hosting an 'Open' Championship: this will be clearly stated on the particiular event information that entries are open to clubs/ athletes outside of NI & Ulster. The NI & Ulster medals however will only be issued to eligible athletes.

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NI & Ulster Road Race Championship Policy 

Eligibility for Novice & Intermediate Cross Country Championships