UK Coaching Awards 2023

The stage is set, and it's your turn to spotlight difference-making coaches!

Nominations for the 2023 UK Coaching Awards are officially open!

This is your opportunity to put forward the names of those remarkable individuals whose dedication, skill, and passion have transformed lives through coaching.

Every day, coaches go above and beyond, creating unforgettable experiences and changing lives. They are the motivators, the encouragers, and the supporters who challenge people to step beyond their comfort zones and help them realise their potential. They make a real difference in our communities, and it’s time to give them the recognition they deserve.


Ten Awards Honouring Coaching Impact

We have 10 categories available for public nomination with each one carefully chosen to celebrate the diverse ways our coaches impact lives and enrich communities.

  • Community Coach of the Year – Children and Young People
  • Community Coach of the Year – Adults
  • Young Coach of the Year
  • Change a Life Award
  • Talent Development Coach of the Year
  • High Performance Coach of the Year
  • Online Coach of the Year
  • Coaching Podcast of the Year
  • Inclusive Coaching
  • Coach Developer of the Year


Your support will help us broadcast our call for nominations, encouraging a flood of entries to celebrate the pinnacle of coaching.

This pack will help you reach and inspire your audiences to nominate their coaches.


Why should people nominate?

  • To spotlight the varied and impactful work of coaches that enhance well-being and activity levels, fostering a healthier, happier nation.
  • To say thanks to coaches who make all the difference.
  • To acknowledge coaches who innovatively adapt and thrive during challenging times.
  • To exhibit the embodiment of #GreatCoaching.
  • To ensure the extraordinary efforts of coaches don’t go unnoticed.


Why should organisations nominate?

  • To celebrate examples of #GreatCoaching within your sport, physical activity or community.
  • To elevate the profile of a coach, project, or programme that stands as a beacon, inspiring and connecting people from diverse backgrounds.
  • To highlight the wider benefits that coaching has on sport, physical activity or community.
  • To underline the broad-ranging benefits coaching brings to sport, physical activity, and community alike.


Don't Delay, Nominate Today!

While the closing date for nominations may seem a way off, remember that time flies when you’re having fun! Don't wait until the last minute, especially if you have a busy summer ahead: start preparing your nomination today to ensure your coach doesn’t miss out.

Nominations close 10am on Monday 4th September.