Athletics Fixtures In Northern Ireland

ChampionChip Ireland Running Series

Subject to Lock Down Regulations

18 July 2020 » 10 October 2020

ChampionChip Ireland Running Series

Sponsored by Forestside Shopping Centre

Please note these events are subject to the easing of lock down restrictions and moving into Step 3 of the Covid Exit Plan.

Dates & Venues: (Start in waves)

Event 6- 26th September at Shane's Castle (5k/10k/Half Marathon/ Marathon) Online Entry

Timetable: Marathon at 9am, Half Marathon at 10am, 10k at 1pm, 5k at 2pm.

Event 7- 10th October at Down Royal Racecourse (5k/ 10k/ Half Marathon)  Online Entry

TImetable: 5k is at 10am, Half Marathon @ 11am and 10k at 1.30pm

Event 8- Down Royal Festival of Running 24th October at Down Royal Racecourse

Timetable: Marathon at 8am, Half Marathon at 8:15am, 10k at 8:30am & 5k at 2pm

Event Information:

  • Numbers and timing chips will be posted to entrants.
  • No refunds will be given unless the event is cancelled. Entrants may defer their entry to another event in the Series or transfer to an eligible person for another event in the Series.
  • There will be no transfers between runners in an event. Anyone found to have allowed their number to be transferred or accepted a transfer without permission of the organiser (Glenn Grant), will be banned from all other events in the Series.
  • Event 6- Marathon cutoff time for completion is 6 hours. Runners must have completed the first 13.1 miles by 12 noon.
  • Event 6- Entry fee includes medal and t-shirt for all races. Medal & t-shirt only guaranteed for entries submitted by 13th September at midnight.

Prize Information:

The prize list will cover the Top 10 athletes based on the age-graded performance rankings from any of the events. The runners overall total age graded score will be used to rank the runners, so the more events they compete at, the higher their total.

The prize list is as follows:

  • 1st - £300
  • 2nd - £200
  • 3rd - £120
  • 4th - £80
  • 5th - £75
  • 6th - £60
  • 7th - £50
  • 8th - £45
  • 9th - £40
  • 10th - £30

A runner can enter and run in more than one race at any venue to boost their score.

For more information please contact Glenn Grant on 07720081053, or alternatively via email: