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Virtual C25k Challenge with Northern Health and Social Care Trust


11 January 2021 » 08 March 2021

Virtual C25k Challenge with Northern Health and Social Care Trust


Online Entry

The popular Athletics NI's Virtual C25k returns in conjunction with the Northern Health & Social Care Trust, which is a 8 week course open to adults of all abilities. During the 8 weeks you will receive weekly training plans and tips for warm up and cool down from us.

The Challenge is to walk/jog/run a 5k to get your 'PB' time as the start of the C25k course. Once you have completed this, simply email us your time.

As the final run of your course, you can walk/run/jog your final 5k and send us the time for this as well. When we receive both your starting 5k time and your finishing 5k time we will send you your Virtual C25k Completion Certificate.

The first official week of the course will be Monday 11th January- you can choose to start any time after that date. Once entrants have registered, they can complete their first 5k- walking or slowly jogging and then email your time to:

Entries will close on Monday 11th January at 12 noon, with the first weekly training plan issued via email later that day.

When completing your C25k please keep to the social distancing advice from the Public Health Agency:

If you have any queries, please email us at: