Officials News

Congratulations to all of the Athletics Northern Ireland Officials who were selected to officiate at the following UKA Indoor meetings 2020 officials-robinmack.jpg

Indoor GP Glasgow

  • Field Judge - Robin Mack

British Indoor Championships Glasgow

  • Meeting Manager Pam Brown
  • Field Referee Joy Alexander
  • Track Judge/Umpire Ian Atkinson

 officials-kurtisedm.jpg officials-garykeenangun.jpg officials-pamjoy.jpg

Athletics NI Officials selected to Officiate at UKA outdoor meetings 2020

UKSG Loughborough

  • Field Referee - Eilis Ferguson
  • Chief Track Judge - Pam Brown

British Championships Chairman Jury of Appeal - Joy Alexander

  • Clerk of Course - Wendy Davis
  • Field Referee - Barbara Scott


Anniversary Games

  • Field Judge - Kurtis Scott

Diamond League Manchester

  • National Technical Delegate - Pam Brown
  • Field Judge - Joy Alexander
  • Track Judge/Umpire - Ian Atkinson
  • Call Room Judge - Wendy Davis










British University Championships

  • Starter - Tom Thompson

Well done to all our officials.

Congratulations to David Marrs who was awarded the Sport Northern Ireland “Technical Official of the Year 2020”