Application Form for Permits

On receipt of your Athletics NI Permit, we ask you to display the official Athletics NI logo on promotional material and websites associated with the race as an official rubber-stamp of your race’s quality and safety.

Race Type
Road Race
Multi-terrain Race
Cross Country Race
Event Information
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I am instructed by the Promoting Body to make application, to register the above event with Athletics Northern Ireland and to obtain a permit for said event. On behalf of the Promoting Body, I agree that the above event shall be conducted in compliance with the 'rules for competition' of UK Athletics e.g. rules 1 - 24 and rules 500 - 511.

The Promoting Body undertakes to impose an additional entry fee of £2.00 to all unattached entrants, who are not members of UK Athletics affiliated Clubs.

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The medical levels are described on the Medical Level of Cover section.

Basic (level 1)
Standard (level 2)
Enhanced (Level 3)

This section must be completed fully and all questions answered

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Please note that a permit is issued on the understanding that the Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2010- Specials Events on Roads Regulations will be followed if any part of the race is on public roads.

I understand that a Risk Assessment appraisal is a mandatory requirement and will have been undertaken by the date of the race.

Affiliated organisations have public liability insurance up to a maximum liability of £20,000,000 on any one occurrence for any event for which Athletics NI/UKA licence is issued. An excess of £250 is payable on the first and each subsequent claim made for property damage under the liability insurance.

If you do not wish to use this cover then evidence of alternative insurance cover must be provided.

If your event has alternative insurance please provide details.

As Race director I confirm that all information provided is correct and that the policy cover adheres to the requirements of Athletics NI/ UKA licensed events.

Athletics NI will process the data provided by you in this form for the sole purpose of the proper administration of the UKA Road Race Licence Scheme. Athletics NI will process the data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and in so doing Athletics Services may hold the information you on a database.

Use of Headphones in Road Races

Under UK Athletics Rule 240 S5 the wearing of headphones is not permitted in races on single carriageway roads not wholly closed to traffic. Athletics Northern Ireland will be enforcing this rule on permits applied for from 1st January 2018. It is the Race Organiser’s responsibility to ensure this rule is enforced as any incidents or accidents relating to a breach of the rule may invalidate the race insurance.

The rule applies to in-ear or over-the-ear headphones (with the exception of those medically prescribed). Bone conducting headphones which sit on the cheek are permitted as they transfer sound through the cheekbone and do not block other sounds through the ear.

Athletics Northern Ireland advise taking the following steps to ensure communication of this rule to all participants:

  • Clearly state the ban of headphones on all promotional material and online entry information
  • Remind all runners that headphones are not permitted in email correspondence, including confirmation of entry, additional information etc
  • Include a note in race packs
  • Clearly display notices at pack collection and race day
  • Make an announcement at the beginning of the race
  • Race Organisers should ensure that the sanction for breaching the rule is clearly communicated to the runners, ie disqualification.

As Race director I can confirm that I have read and understood the above information regarding the use of headphones in Road Races and will comply.


UKA will refuse licence applications for road / multi-terrain races that advertise or otherwise claim to be run over a specific distance when this condition is not satisfied.

There is only one method of course measurement recognised by the IAAF and therefore acceptable for measuring road race courses, and that is the calibrated cycle (or Jones Counter) method in the hands of a fully trained and accredited course measurer. This uses the consistently accurate Jones Counter device fitted to the hub of the cycle in conjunction with an accurately measured calibration distance and a standard procedure for judging the shortest route. It has been clearly shown that the surveyor’s wheel and other methods of measurement do not produce the necessary level of accuracy, especially when in the hands of an inexperienced road race course measurer.

Please complete one of the following:

As Race Director I can confirm that no alterations have been made to the course following the original measurement

Note: Road Race Permits - The issuer reserves the right to require re-measurement of any course where the certificate of course accuracy is over 10 years old

XC/Ultra or Mountain Permits - Course Information:
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The course is to be run over the

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UKA would remind Promoters that it is imperative that sufficient width is given to the start, for the number of competitors in the race. Also that the starting straight is long enough before the first sharp turn or an obstacle is approached, to avoid the possibility of athletes piling up or coming to a standstill.