NIURA Selection Policy for self-funded Anglo Celtic Plate 100K Home International 2021

Date: 21st August 2021

Venue: Mondello Park, Naas, Co. Kildare

Age Group: Senior (18 or over)

Northern Ireland Team: Up to 5 men and 5 Women (100K). Possibility of ‘B’ teams added if standard met.

Northern Ireland Ultra Running Association (NIURA) will be taking a self-funded team (Entry will be paid and kit provided) to the Anglo Celtic Plate 100K Home International in Dublin.

This is seen as the continuing development of ultra running in the Province following on from the two bronze medals achieved in Perth, Scotland at the Anglo-Celt in 2019.

The aim of selection is to target a team medal and provide an opportunity for ultra-distance athletes on the development pathway to prepare for future competition at European and World level.

Selection Timeline

Ultra runners must email Cara Jeffrey (NIURA Secretary) for an application representation pack which must be returned expressing interest by Tues, 1st June 2021.

Email -

The date of selection will be the week beginning June 1st, 2021.

Selection Panel

NIURA Committee Members (Voting)

Ed Smith (Chair), Justin Maxwell (NIURA Development Team Coach), Cara Jeffrey (Secretary), Andrea Green (Treasurer), John Rogan, Susan McCartney, Gary Connolly, Sammy Daye, Adrian Daye.

The chair may also (at his/her discretion) seek assistance (in a non-voting capacity) from anyone else whom it is felt may be of help.

Any voting member shall declare any conflict of interest in respect of any selection issue and shall not be entitled to vote on that issue.

In the event of injury or illness, the Committee will also select a men’s and women’s ranked Reserve list.

Athlete Eligibility

  • Athletes who either have a birth, parental (one parent born in Ulster) or residential (three years) qualification in Northern Ireland and Ulster shall be entitled to represent NI & U in representative competition.
  • Applicants must have Athletics Ireland or Athletics Northern Ireland club membership.
  • Athletes must be paid up members of NIURA on receipt of application.
  • Athletes must have committed to the CleanSport anti-doping requirements of Northern Ireland and Ulster.
  • It is expected athletes should take part in the Whitespace NIURA, NI & Ulster Championships. (Dispensation requests for not competing must be received in writing at least one week before the Championships)
  • Athletes must commit to attending meetings and development squad days as arranged.

NIURA Consideration Standards

  • 100K race in 9hrs 30mins (men) or 10 hrs (women)
  • 50K race in 3hrs 25 mins(men) or 3hrs 40 mins(women)
  • Marathon in 2hrs 35 mins(men) or 2hrs 55 mins(women)

Performances must have been achieved at a labelled or sanctioned event or have held an ANI Permit in the three years prior to the selection date (extended by one year because of the pandemic).

Consideration will be given to the number of performances above or close to the Consideration Standard. However, achieving the consideration standard does not guarantee selection.

Other considerations will be: Consistency of performance and performance history, current form

The following may also be taken into consideration:

  • Experience of looped ultra events
  • 50k trail race experience
  • Documented evidence that ultra runners are committed to their own development and have shown progression in the last three years.
  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct and any outstanding disciplinary matters.