Armagh International Road Race Selection 2023

Date: 9th February 2023

Age Group: Senior

NI & Ulster Teams: Up to 4 Men (5km) and 4 Women (3km)

The aim of the selection for this competition is to provide a development opportunity for athletes on the Athletics NI Athlete Development Pathway.

Selection Timeline

The date of the meeting will be the week beginning 16th January 2023.

Selection Panel

Selections will be made by the Athletics Northern Ireland & Ulster Athletics selection panel comprising

  1. A representative of the Cross Country & Road Running Committee (Voting)
  2. The Athletics NI Endurance Coordinator (voting)
  3. A representative of Ulster Athletics Council (voting)
  4. An Independent Coach (voting)


The Cross Country and Road Running Committee Representative may also (at their discretion) seek assistance (in a non-voting capacity) from anyone else he/she feels may be of help.

Any voting member of the Selection Panel shall declare his or her conflict of interest in respect of any selection issue and shall not be entitled to vote on that issue.

Selection criteria

The following consideration standards will be taken into account when athletes are considered for selection:

Men – 5k

3000m – 8:30; 5000m/5k – 14:45; 10,000m/10k – 31:00

Women – 3k

3000m – 10:00; 5000m/5k – 17:20; 10,000m/10k – 35:00


Where there are fewer athletes with the consideration standard than the team size, numbers will not be back filled. Qualification performances must be achieved between 1 June 2022 and 16 January 2023 with priority given to athletes demonstrating current form.

The criteria above are not listed in any order of priority and those involved in selecting will exercise
discretion fairly and without bias in making selection decisions.