Inter-Area Road Selections 2019







Titanic Quarter 10k

31st March 2019

Northern Ireland


Race to Victory Cardiff 5k


5th May 2019



Stirling 10k


8th Sept 2019



Peterborough half marathon

13th Oct 2019

Armed Forces


Age UK Leeds

Abbey Dash 10k

26th Oct 2019

North of England


Brighton 10k


17th Nov 2019

South of England


Telford 10k


8th Dec 2019




Team configuration and selection: Teams of 4 men and 4 women (with 3 to count towards team result).

Age Group: Senior

Aim: Athletics NI have ambition to get more athletes to major championships to inspire the public. ANI recognise that, in the endurance event group, there is a higher probability of achieving this ambition in the marathon event than on the track and so aim to use the inter-area competitions to accelerate athlete progression towards marathon performance.


We will use the inter-area competitions to provide development opportunities for athletes that may transition from shorter distances to the marathon or who have the potential to significantly improve their current marathon performance. Normally athletes in the top tier of our programmes (Podium Potential) will not be selected. Places will be kept for athletes, with the required standards (see below), on the Commonwealth Potential tier and below.


Selection Timeline

Wherever possible, selections will be made no later than three weeks before each competition.

Selection Panel

Selections will be made by the Athletics Northern Ireland selection panel comprising

  1. The Athletics NI Chairman or other board member if unavailable (Voting)
  2. The Director of Coaching and Athlete Development or other staff member if unavailable (voting)
  3. A representative of the cross country and road running committee (voting)

The Athletics Northern Ireland Chairman may also (at his discretion) seek assistance (in a non-voting capacity) from anyone else he/she feels may be of help.

Any voting member of the Selection Panel shall declare his or her conflict of interest in respect of any selection issue and shall not be entitled to vote on that issue.

Selection criteria

  • Evidence that athletes are committed to their own development towards the marathon
  • Have demonstrated progression in the last two years
  • Have achieved the following standards within the last 12 months:

Men – Half Marathon

Half Marathon – 70 minutes; 10k – 32:00

Women – Half Marathon

Half Marathon – 78 minutes; 10km 36:00


In addition, the following may be taken into consideration:

  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct and any outstanding disciplinary matters

The criteria above are listed in order of priority and those involved in selecting will exercise
discretion fairly and without bias in making selection decisions.