Valence International EAP Meeting

Valence International EAP Meeting - NI & Ulster Team Selection Policy

Athletics Northern Ireland in conjunction with Ulster Athletics will be taking U23 athletes to this year’s Valence International EAP meeting in Valence, France on 1 June 2019. Consideration Standards for selection have been set and are listed below. Any athletes eligible to compete for Northern Ireland & Ulster may be considered based on their 2019 indoor and outdoor performance record.

See standards table below. Please note, there is no Javelin competition at the meeting. Athletics NI intend to select Javelin throwers for the Halle Throws meet, on the same weekend. Please contact Laura Kerr if you wish to be considered for the Halle meet.

Expression of interest (Closing date 28th April)

Any athlete wishing to compete will be required to submit an expression of interest form online at the following link. We will use this list of athletes when selecting athletes at the beginning of May.

Expression of Interest


Selection Panel

Selections will be made by the Athletics Northern Ireland & Ulster Athletics selection panel comprising

  1. a) A member of Athletics Ulster (Voting)
  2. b) The Athletics Northern Ireland Athlete Development Lead (voting)
  3. c) A representative of the Athletics NI Track and Field Committee (Voting)

This panel will be assisted by

The Athletics Northern Ireland General Secretary, who may also (at his discretion) seek assistance (in a non-voting capacity) from anyone else he/she feels may be of help.

Any voting member of the Selection Panel shall declare his or her conflict of interest in respect of any selection issue and shall not be entitled to vote on that issue.


Selection Process

Selections will be based on performance trajectory from U20 to U23 level and percentages of standard achieved in 2019. The panel will also consider the use of this international as preparation for major championships (European U23 / WUG) as well as UK Power of 10 rankings.

Please note that achieving a standard does not guarantee a place on the team. Selection will be based on rankings and therefore the ability to be competitive at this event. Athletes who are close to achieving standards may still be selected if they have a high UK Power of 10 ranking.

Selections will be made on Wednesday 8th May 2019 and announced before Friday 10th May.



NI & Ulster Standards:

To be valid standards must have been achieved in competitions after 1st January 2019.

U23 Men


U23 Women

11.06 (7.05 60m)


12.20 (7.70 60m)








14.80 (8.40 60mH)

110m Hur


100m Hur

14.40 (8.85 60mH)


High Jump



Pole Vault



Long Jump









Hammer (Women Only)




Under 23 Competitors must be 20, 21 or 22 years of age on 31st December 2019

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