Athletics NI Hosts Successful Throws Squad Launch

29 November 2017

Athletics NI Hosts Successful Throws Squad Launch

The first of the 2017-18 Athletics NI Event Group Throws Squads took place on Sunday 19th November at Ulster University’s Jordanstown Campus. The Squad Day was attended by 24 athletes, many accompanied by their coaches. 

Laura Kerr, Athletics NI's Coach Development Lead and javelin coach to Youth Academy athletes Jack Magee (62.08m) and Kate O’Connor (49.26m) welcomed the attendees and explained the aims and purpose of the squads.

The squads are for a select group of promising throwers, and their coaches, to train together and learn key skills that will accelerate their development, expand their network and aid them in achieving senior success.

Before beginning the practical Laura explained the need for young throwers to become as athletic as possible with a specific requirement for end range strength, body awareness and coordination, stiffness and bracing ability as well as mobile and healthy hips and shoulders.

The coaches participated in a lunchtime discussion group exploring performance models, inclusion of year round technical work and long term approaches to strength training for throwers. Sessions were delivered by Paul Kirkpatrick (Discus) and Laura Kerr (Javelin.)

Event Group Throws Squad for 2017-18 and details will be released soon for further squads in January were Olympian Goldie Sayers and International Athlete and Coach Zane Duquemin will share their experience and expertise.

For more detail on the technical aspects of the day, including gymnastic progression, and in depth looks at the discus and javelin, check out Laura’s Blog over on NI Futures.