Athletics Northern Ireland Announce AfterShokz as Official Headphone Partner

20 December 2017

Athletics Northern Ireland Announce AfterShokz as Official Headphone Partner

Athletics Northern Ireland is pleased to announce AfterShokz as an official headphone partner.

The number one bone conducting headphone brand in the UK, AfterShokz’s headsets are now approved for use in all road races under the UK Athletics rules of competition.

Coinciding with a recent change to Athletics Northern Ireland’s rules which states that as of 1st January 2018, bone conduction headphones like AfterShokz are the only headphones permitted for use in road races, this partnership is just another example of our commitment to promote safer running practices.

This rule will be enforced on permits applied for from 1st January 2018.

Athletics Northern Ireland’s Director of Business & Operations, Kerry Woods, said: “Athletics Northern Ireland is absolutely delighted to partner with AfterShokz. We’re passionate about getting more people participating in both running and athletics.

‘’Whether running road races, Track & Field, or simply out running with friends or on your own, the most important thing is that running is fun, as well as safe.

“Many runners and athletes enjoy listening to music while they run, and bone conducting headphones allow them to do this, while also helping to keep them safe.

“The new Athletics Northern Ireland rules state that “in ear” headphones cannot be used in events where roads are open to traffic. Runners can get around this by using AfterShokz’s bone conduction technology, which delivers high quality sound to the ear through vibrations in the cheekbone.

“This stops the headphones blocking out sounds such as traffic and emergency vehicles, meaning athletes can enjoy their music, whilst being fully aware of their surroundings – potentially preventing accidents.

“The rule change is first and foremost about the safety of our members and this partnership allows us to provide a great product, and promote safe running here in Northern Ireland’’.

Kim Fabiano, Chief Marketing Officer at AfterShokz comments “We’re pleased that organisations such as Athletics Northern Ireland are taking steps to improve safety and our headphones are ideal for ensuring runners don't have to compromise on staying motivated or being safe. We are extremely excited and proud to partner with Athletics Northern Ireland and can’t wait to see our products helping runners smash their goals throughout 2018.”

Athletics Northern Ireland affiliated athletes and clubs will be able to access discounts and special offers on AfterShokz headphones and products.

As part of our partnership, Athletics NI offer its members and athletes an exclusive 20% discount on AfterShokz headphones.

This great offer will launch soon. 

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