Athletics Northern Ireland Statement on Athletes Provided Exemptions to Continue Training

19 January 2021

Athletics Northern Ireland Statement on Athletes Provided Exemptions to Continue Training

Athletics NI has published the following guidance in relation to athletes who can receive an exemption to continue accessing training facilities during the current lockdown period in Northern Ireland.

As of Thursday 2 January and until further notice, only the athletes fulfilling the below criteria have been granted an exemption by Athletics NI which will permit them to continue accessing training facilities – as per Athletics NI application of the government guidelines.

These are the athletes that are able to continue accessing the Mary Peters Track or another facility (subject to it being able to support continued elite athlete training through fulfilling the Elite Sport Return to Training guidelines):

Please note that re-selection for the Olympic/Paralympic and Commonwealth Potential Programmes is currently taking place. Athletes will be notified and the lists will be changed on the website. We will not remove elite status from any athlete exiting these programmes until after this current lockdown.

In addition the following athletes may access facilities at the discretion of the management of each facility:

  • Athletes who are based in Northern Ireland and on the Elite Development Pathway or relay squad of Athletics Ireland, British Athletics or other national governing body for sport

Please note that Athletics NI manage the Mary Peters Track and we will assess any requests for access to the track against the criteria. This will normally require a written request from the appropriate national governing body concerned. Ulster University manage the indoor facility at Jordanstown and will manage requests for athletes that are not on the Athletics NI list. However, athletes that are eligible to represent Northern Ireland may direct their request for this facility through Athletics NI.

We are aware there will be athletes striving to compete internationally who may not meet these criteria. Unfortunately, at this time, we are restricted by the limitations of the NI Executive and Sport NI guidance and our responsibility to apply the guidance as it was intended, to protect athletes, staff and wider society and the NHS.

The situation is being kept under constant review and we will seek to expand the capacity when it is possible.

Any queries regarding athlete eligibility to access facilities should be sent to