Information for Competition

10 May 2022

Information for Competition

Athletics NI aims to provide competition opportunities for athletes at all levels, to measure their progress and perform to their best. To achieve this aim, it is important that athletes are well-prepared for the competition environment and to ensure the delivery of a safe and enjoyable experience for both athletes and officials.

Looking to the Track & Field season ahead, we want to take this opportunity to remind all involved in athletics of our guidelines for competition and the codes of conduct for athletes, coaches, parents, guardians and officials:

Competition Information for Athletes

Failure to abide by the guidelines may result in the athlete being disqualified. These guidelines are in addition to the UKA Codes of Conduct that all involved are expected to adhere to:

 Codes of Conducts 

All athletes, parents, guardians, coaches and other spectators at competitions must support the competition in a dignified and courteous manner. Shouting, arguing or being disrespectful towards officials and athletes will not be tolerated and may result in the offender being removed from the arena, and the related athlete being disqualified.

We appreciate the ongoing cooperation of the athletics community as we strive to provide inclusive competition opportunities for all athletes and we look forward to an enjoyable season ahead.