Manchester International Selection Announcement 2018

03 August 2018

Manchester International Selection Announcement 2018

The Northern Ireland & Ulster team for the Manchester International has been announced.

Many congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to represent Northern Ireland & Ulster at the Manchester International to be hosted at SportCity, Manchester on 15th August 2018.




Michael McAuley (Adam McMullen)


Lauren Roy (Adam McMullen)

Dean Adams (Alan Kennedy)

100m guest


Michael McAuley (Adam McMullen)


Lauren Roy (Adam McMullen)

Craig Newell (Ian Neely)


Rachel McCann (Michael Roberts)

Conall Kirk (Mark Kirk)


Kelly Neely (Ian Neely)

Neil McCartan (Mark Kirk),

Callum Crawford-Walker (Mark Kirk)


Emma Mitchell (Eamonn Christie),

Rachel Gibson (Francis Marsh)

Adam Kirk Smith


Kerry O’ Flaherty (Richard Rodgers)


110m H /100

Mollie Courtney (David Warner)



Niamh Malone (Brian Peppard)



Sarah Connolly



Ellie McCartney (Jim Alexander)

Adam McMullen (Jonas Dodoo)


Anna McCauley (Maureen McCauley)

Jai Benson (Alan Kennedy)


Lydia Mills (Alan Kennedy)

Brendan O’Donnell (John O'Donnell)


Hayley Murray (Christopher Murray)

Gareth Crawford (David Turner)




4 X 100m pool

Lauren Roy (Adam McMullen), Megan Marrs (Jerzy Maciukiewicz) Anna McCauley (Maureen McCauley), Sarah Connolly, Mollie Courtney (David Warner)

Craig Newell (Ian Neely), Cormac O’Rourke (Jim McKeown), Adam Hughes (Ian Neely), Conall Kirk (Mark Kirk), Callum Crawford-Walker (Mark Kirk)

4 X 400m pool

Rachel McCann (Michael Roberts), Anna McCauley (Maureen McCauley), Sarah Connolly, Davicia Patterson, Laura Frey, Niamh Malone (Brian Peppard), Rachel Gibson (Francis Marsh)

Athletics Northern Ireland have been invited to enter a team into this event to compete against Scotland, Wales, Denmark, GB & NI Under 20 teams as well as a combined British Athletics League/ UK Women’ League team.

Athletics NI will use this event for competition experience and development of athletes who are on the pathway towards major championships success.

Director of Coaching and Athlete Development, Jackie Newton said “We are delighted to confirm selection of 30 athletes to compete for Northern Ireland & Ulster at the Manchester International on 15th of this month. The standard of performances from NI & Ulster athletes has been very high and competition for places on this team has been strong. Many of the team will be aiming to finish their season here with a top performance. It is great to see so many younger athletes making their senior debut on this team and I would like to congratulate Jai Benson, Brendan O’Donnell, Callum Crawford-Walker, Cormac O’Rourke, Adam Hughes, Niamh Malone, Ellie McCartney and Laura Frey on this achievement.” 

The Athletics Northern Ireland Selection documents can be found here