Marathon Potential 2024 Team Announced

19 December 2019

Marathon Potential 2024 Team Announced

The new Marathon Potential 2024 programme officially started on Saturday 14th December 2019, bringing together the athletes, coaches and support team who will be working together across the next four years.

After an extensive selection, we are delighted to announce the names of the 11 male and 7 female athletes, and their coaches, who were selected to be a part of this programme:







John Black

Jim McGuiness/ Seamus McCann

Nakita Burke

Sean McFadden

Conor Bradley

Teresa McDaid

Jessica Craig

Raymond Adams

Kyle Doherty

Colin Roberts

Laura Graham

Ryan Maxwell

Conor Duffy

Emmett Dunleavy

Sarah Lavery

Gerry McCabe/ Catherine Diver

Eoin Hughes


Ann-Marie McGlynn

Colin Roberts

Christopher Madden

Mark Kirk

Fionnuala Ross

Dermot Kerr

Conan McCaughey

Mark Kirk

Catherine Whoriskey


Scott Rankin

Allan Bogle/ Brian Rankin



Craig Simpson

Sammy McAnaney



Gary Slevin

Dara Furey



Eoghan Totten

Richard Rodgers



The initial meeting of the Marathon Potential 2024 group allowed the athletes to get together for a group training session at the Mary Peters Track. These training sessions will take place approximately every two months and aim to create an environment where athletes will support each other, push each other on and also provide an educational element on how training works. On Saturday, they trained at specific paces and were monitored for heart rate and lactate levels to help understand the intensity and cost to energy systems at the various paces.


After training and lunch, Director of Coaching & Athlete Development, Jackie Newton, spoke about the aims of the programme before Elaine Riddell, from the Belfast City Marathon, congratulated the athletes on their selections and wished them well for the future, stating that the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon are delighted to be supporting the project.

Dr. Gavin Breslin, Sport Psychologist at Ulster University, who has come on board as the Sport Psychologist for this programme, then spoke about self-determination and how every member of the group will contribute to improving together. He then introduced an app that his team at the University have developed for the athletes to monitor their wellness including sleep, physical shape, nutrition and mood.


Special Guest, Stephen Scullion, then took the floor and delivered key messages on planning ahead from where the athletes are now and where they want to be in the future, working out how they are going to get there, realising that it won’t happen overnight, recovering well and not underestimating the importance of adequate sleep.


Mark Kirk, lead coach for this project, then summarised and talked about the future plans that include a Warm Weather Training Camp in January. Full details about the aims of this programme can be found here: