Mid Ulster Sports Arena, Cookstown to host Physical Preparation for Endurance Workshop

10 June 2019

Mid Ulster Sports Arena, Cookstown to host Physical Preparation for Endurance Workshop

Athletics NI are hosting a ‘Physical Preparation for Endurance’ Workshop at the Mid Ulster Sports Arena, Cookstown on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

The workshop will address the needs of Leaders and Coaches working with runners aged 16+ who run for fitness or participate in events including middle and long distance, road running or cross country.  This workshop explains the rationale behind structured physical preparation programmes to improve endurance running performance.  Mechanisms by which strength training may improve endurance performance include: improving running economy; reducing the risk of injury; delaying fatigue during the race and improving maximal speed.


Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Preparation Lead for Athletics NI, Laura Kerr has written and designed this practical workshop to enable leaders and coaches to familiarise themselves with running drills, muscular strength endurance assessments and fundamental movement patterns for bodyweight and loaded strength exercises.


Running Participation Officer Allister Woods will discuss the technical model for endurance highlighting common matches and mismatches. Allister will introduce coaches and leaders to a variety of athlete assessment methods that can be used to determine quality and efficiency of movement which may impact technical progress as well as identifying areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  Allister will also be joined by former International Athlete and British Athletics Level 2 Endurance Coach Michael Dyer and the pair will demonstrate and explain dynamic warm up, progression of strength training exercises, running drills for motor control and efficiency, remedial plyometrics and foot and ankle conditioning.

Coaches will be provided with a certificate of attendance.

Please note: The workshop is designed for those coaching athletes aged 16+ and due to the practical nature of this workshop places have been capped at 20.

Venue: Mid Ulster Sports Arena Cookstown, BT80 8SD

Date: Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Time: 6pm – 9.30pm

Fee: £25.00

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