Birmingham 2022 Athletics Officials Announced

21 April 2022

Birmingham 2022 Athletics Officials Announced

L to R: Pam Brown, Barbara Scott, Kurtis Scott, Joy Alexander & Wendy Davis

This week marks 100 days to go until the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and the team of 245 National Technical Officials for the athletics and para-athletics competition has been announced.

The track and field schedule begins on 30 July with the men’s and women’s marathon and concludes with the final day of action at the Alexander Stadium on 7 August.

The National Technical Officials team contains 7 representatives from Northern Ireland and, as with all major international events, there is also an overseeing team of International Technical Officials who have been selected; they will travel from 15 other Commonwealth nations and territories across Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

It boasts an inspiring blend of highly experienced officials and exciting young talent making their debuts on the international stage.

Northern Irish Officials Selected:



Ian Atkinson

Clerk of Course

Joy Alexander

Chief Field Judge

Barbara Scott

Field Judge

Kurtis Scott

Field Judge

Eilis Ferguson

Field Judge

Wendy Davis

Umpire & Marathon Recorder

Pam Brown

Video Room Manager

 Full List of Officials

All of the officials named above are among those who spend almost every weekend of the summerian-trackjudge.jpg officiating across Northern Ireland at the various Track & Field Meets covering Indoors and outdoors, as well as being selected for major National and International Competitions.

Gerry Carson, President of Athletics Northern Ireland, has congratulated the seven ANI technical officials who have been selected for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

“All seven also go as splendid ambassadors for our sport", he said.

"Week in week-out these people are but some of the essential personnel who enable athletics to function. I wish them every success in their all important roles.”

What to follow in the footsteps of our internationally selected officials? Check out the Officials section of our website to find out how you can get involved: