One month to go until Nomination of athletes for Gold Coast 2018

01 September 2017

As an exceptional summer for Athletics NI athletes draws to a close it is only one month until the nomination meeting which takes place on 1st October 2017. At this meeting, a list of athletes will be drawn up, in priority order, to be nominated to the Commonwealth Games Council to compete in athletics events for Northern Ireland.

Download the full Nomination Policy HERE

At the time of the meeting, Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council is unlikely to have informed us of the number of places to be allocated to athletics.

If we do not know the final number of places, we will list all athletes who have achieved the Consideration Standard in priority order based on the criteria in section 13 of the policy document.

If we do know the number of places, we will nominate the required number in priority order with the remainder as a list of reserves in priority order.

There will be up to four rounds of consideration that take place to decide list of nominations. The details of each round can be found in the Nomination Policy 15.1 – 15.7.


Round 1

In Round 1, we will consider athletes who have achieved the standard twice (once for Combined Events, 10,000m and Marathon). Athletes included in this round will not be automatically listed for nomination. They may be nominated or deferred at this stage depending on how they rate against the criteria. The criteria is listed in the nomination policy (13.1 – 13.6) and items are ranked in order of significance from most important to least important and will be considered accordingly.  All factors will be taken into account. Although 13.1 is more significant than the others, it does not override them.

Athletes will be scored objectively against the first three criteria: 13.1, 13.2 and 13.3. The committee will discuss 13.4, 13.5 and 13.6 to further inform the decision-making process.  Those who are considered to be realistic top eight contenders will be listed for nomination at this stage.

Athletes who are deferred from Round 1 will be considered in Round 2.


Round 2

If places remain after Round 1, athletes deferred in round 1 will be reconsidered and compared against those who have achieved the standard just once. We will follow the same procedure as for Round 1 to determine other top eight contenders. The committee will prioritise athletes who only have the standard once in front of athletes from round 1, if they are considered more likely to achieve a top eight position.


Round 3

If places remain after Round 2, we will consider teams for the 4 X 100m and 4 X 400m (men’s and women’s). Please refer to Appendix 2 of the Nomination Policy for full details of criteria for relays.


Round 4

In the unlikely event that places remain after Round 3, we will consider athletes close to the consideration standard.


Percentages of standard achieved and Commonwealth rankings (3 athletes per nation) in alphabetical order



Current Ranking




Round 1



Adam Kirk-Smith



Adam McMullen



Amy Foster



Ben Reynolds



Ciara Mageean



Dempsey McGuigan



Emma Mitchell



Kate O'Connor



Leon Reid



Paul Pollock



Sommer Lecky






Round 2



Kerry O'Flaherty



Mollie Courtney