Athletics 365

Athletics 365 is a curriculum of physical conditioning and technical run, jump, throw skills that has been developed by England Athletics and adopted by British Athletics across the home nations. Athletics 365, which is also supported by a coach’s manual and videos, provides tiered progressions aimed at 8-15 year olds. Progressions initially address the ABCs of movement (fundamentals aimed at 8-12 years) and these activities can be included in multi-sport environments.

Post primary school Athletics NI recommend that coaches of children in schools, clubs and community based athletics sessions adopt a multi-event approach.

“Athletics 365 focuses not only on how fast someone runs, how far they jump or throw but also, more importantly, on developing the technical skills (‘how’ to run, jump and throw) required to perform at full potential and move like a champion. In addition to technical skills, Athletics 365 also looks at an athlete’s physical, mental and emotional development, as well as their lifestyle and social development.”

Delivering Athletics 365

Coaches may utilise the 365 manual, video or apps to deliver the programme. The Athletics 365 programme is broken down into nine progressive stages. Each stage provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. Athletics 365 encourages athletes to learn the skills and events of athletics, and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base. The stages of progression are similar to those in other sports, such as the martial arts ‘belt system.” Through Athletics 365 we believe young people will develop the skills and confidence to not only in athletics, but in other sports and life pursuits.

Athletics 365 Workshops

Athletics NI support and promote the use of the Athletics 365 curriculum in clubs and schools across the country and provide regular Athletics 365 workshops for club coaches, teachers and sports science students. To date 400 coaches have attended an Athletics 365 workshop in Northern Ireland

This workshop will introduce the Athletics 365 Coach Pack and discuss the British Athletics Athlete Development Model . Athletics 365 focuses on developmental age rather than chronological age and there will be a discussion on child maturation and how this should influence session content for 8-15 year old athletes.

Through the supporting manual (included in the workshop cost) club coaches will be provided with a skills based syllabus of progressive athletics activities. This will help to ensure a consistent approach to developing young athletes across Northern Ireland. Practical elements of the workshop will allow attending coaches to observe and take part in delivery of sample RUN, JUMP, THROW sessions from the 365 manual. Topics included will be dynamic warm up, acceleration mechanics, maximum velocity running drills, jumping and landing activities, pull and push style throwing and hurdling techniques. Each activity is broken into 9 progressive stages. There will also be a focus on age appropriate physical conditioning.