Event Group Coach Award (£150)

The Event Group Coach award is a programme designed to provide licensed coaches with a greater understanding and awareness of the issues involved in coaching athletes at the event group stage of athlete development (typically 14-18 years old). Coaches who undertake this course will develop their technical knowledge and expertise across the individual events that make up event areas. There are currently four event group areas available; Sprints and Hurdles, Jumps, Throws and Endurance.

All applicants are required to hold at least a valid Athletics Coach Award or a minimum of an old UKA Level 2 Award in any discipline expect Children in Athletics. Coaches who hold a CiRF award can undertake the Event Group Endurance Coach award only. The Event Group Coach Award is made up of two component parts, an online learning component and a single integration day. Candidates embarking on this course must do so in the knowledge that it requires a significant time investment to successfully complete the online learning component. 

  • Course Name: Event Group Coach
  • Environment/Focus: On-Track with athletes 14-18 years old who are training for performance
  • Age Requirement: 18
  • Price: £75 for online module, £75 for integration day = £150 total
  • Assessment: Yes - A short open book multiple-choice test at the end of every online module
  • Pre-requisites: Athletics Coach, UKA Level 2-4 in anything apart from Children in Athletics, CiRF (for endurance only)
  • Once qualified will I require supervision: No
  • Looking ahead what’s next: there are currently no further awards so please look at undertaking informal coach development 
  • Alternatives: CiRF- if you wish to learn about coaching individuals to improve their fitness through running. If you are no longer interested in obtaining further qualifications, you may be more interested in attending Continual Professional Development (CPD) Events.
  • Lunch: Not included. (We cannot guarantee that all venues have refreshment facilities so please bring lunch and a drink with you).

Where can I get more information regarding this course?

Full details of this course can be found on British Athletics' uLearnAthletics.com website HERE.

If you would like to see the resources provided on this course before you attend they are also on HERE

How do I sign up for the award?

The online component of the Event Group Speed, Jumps and Endurance are all available through www.ulearnathletics.com. The cost of a single module is £75. Sign up and pay by card to access this material.

The Event Group Throws is available FREE of charge through uCoach|LEARN. This is the same platform you will have used to undertake your Knowledge Test during the Athletics Coach / CiRF award. To undertake the online component follow these simple instructions

  1. Visit www.uCoach.com
  2. Login using your URN and password via the red banner at the bottom of every page
  3. Click on the LEARN button at the very top of the page
  4. Scroll down and click on the course you wish to enrol in. You may need to scroll down the entire page to find it
  5. Click on the "ENROL ME" button

How do I sign up for the Integration Day?

Integration Days are run on demand and cost £75. When enough people have completed the online material to make one viable all candidates will be contacted. Having completed the online component of the course please register your interest in the Integration Day through the waiting list.

Online Event Group Endurance:

Online Event Group Integration Day Endurance - Course Code WAEGE23.1