Classification & eligibility:

The following groups are currently included in the Paralympic Pathway:

T= Track F= Field (Female in BOLD)

T- Track F-Field

Events in 2020/21 Paralympics for this class

(events can change every 4 years)

Events 2018 Commonwealths

(events can change every 4 years)

T/F 11-13 Athlete with a Visual Impairment T11/ 100m, T12/T12 100m, T13/T13 100m T12 100m (male)
T11 200m, T12 200m
T11/T11 400m, T12/T12 400m, T13/T13 400m
T11/T11 1500m, T13/T13 1500m (mixed 12&13)
T11 5000m, T13 5000m (mixed 12&13)
T11marathon, T12/T12 marathon (female mixed T11&12)
T11/T11 LJ, T12/T12 LJ, T13 LJ
F11/F11 Discus
F13/F13 Javelin (mixed 12&13)
F11 Shot Put, F12/F12 Shot Put (females mixed F11&12)
T/F 20 Intellectual Impairment T20/T20 400m, T20/T20 1500m  
F20/F20 LJ, F20/F20 Shot Put
T/F 32-38 Athletes with Co-ordination Impairments (hypertonia, ataxia and athetosis) T33 100m, T34/T34(mixed 33&34) 100m, T35 100m, T36 100m, T37 100m, T38 100m T38/T38 100m (male & female)
T35/T35 200m, T36 200m, T37/T37 200m T35 100m (female)
T36 400m, T37/T37 400m, T38/T38 400m F38 Shot (male)
T34/T34 800m (mixed 33&33) F38 LJ (female)
T38 1500m (mixed 37&38)  
F36 LJ, F37/F37 LJ, F38/F38 LJ  
F32/F32 Club Throw (mixed 31&32)  
F37 Discus, F38 Discus (mixed F37/38)  
F34/F34 Javelin (mixed 33&34),  
F38 Javelin  
F32/F32 Shot, F33/F33 Shot, F34/F34 Shot, F35/F35 Shot, F36/F36 Shot, F37/F37 Shot  
T/F 40-41 Short Stature F41 Javelin (mixed 40&41)  
F41 Discus (mixed F40&41)
F40/F40 Shot, F41/F41 Shot
T/F 42-47 Amputee & Les Autres T47/T47 100m (mixed 45,46&47) T47 100m (male)
T47 200m (mixed 45,46 &47) F46 Javelin (female)
T47/T47 400m (mixed 45,46 &47)  
T46 1500m (mixed 45&46)  
T46 marathon (mixed 45&46)  
F47/F47 LJ (mixed 45,46 &47),  
F47 HJ (mixed 45,46 &47)  
F46/F46 Javelin (mixed 45&46)  
F46 shot (mixed 45&46)  
T 51-54 Wheelchair Racers T51 100m, T52 100m, T54/T54 1500m
T53/T53 100m, T54/T54 100m T54/T54 marathon
T51 200m  
T52 400m (mixed T51&52), T53/T53 400m, T54/T54 400m  
T53 800m, T54/T54 800m (mixed T53&54)  
T52 1500m (mixed T51&52),  
T54/T54 1500m (mixed T53&54),  
T54/T54 5000m (mixed T53/54)  
T54/T54 marathon mixed (T52,53 &54)  
F 51-58 Seated Field Athletes F51/F51 Club throw  
F52 Discus (mixed F51&52)
F53 Discus (mixed F51,52&53)
F55 Discus (mixed F54&55)
F57 Discus (mixed F55 &57)
F56 Discus (mixed F54,55&56)
F54/F54 Javelin (mixed F53&54)
F56 Javelin (mixed F55&56)
F57 Javelin (mixed 56/57)
F53 Shot, F54/55 Shot, F56/57 Shot
F54 Shot, F57 Shot (mixed 56&57)
T/F 61-64 Lower limb/s competing with prosthesis affected by limb deficiency and leg length difference T63/T63 100m (mixed T42&T3), T64/T64 100m (mixed T44, T62 &T64),  
T61 200m, T64/T64 200m (mixed T44&T64),
T62 400m
F63/F63 LJ (mixed F42&F61, F63)
F64/F64 LJ (mixed F44&F62/64)
F63 HJ (mixed F42&F63),
F64 HJ (mixed F44&F64)
F64/F64 Discus (mixed F43/44 & F62/64)
F64 Javelin (mixed 42/43/44&F61/62/63/64)
F63 Shot (mixed F43, F61/63)

The classification process identifies the athlete's functional ability in relation to the event group in which they are competing. The athlete undergoes a series of mobility tests and is seen in competition by IPC (International Paralympic Committee) qualified classifiers. For information on what impairments are eligible to be classified click here