Buggy Club NI's Exercises and Videos

Here are some warm up exercises and assessments, which are demonstrated by our lovely Buggy Club NI mums. You can find a playlist of all the exercises listed below on our Youtube Channel under ' Female Pelvic Health'

Warm up exercises

  • Warm up each over 10m and you can walk 10m too
  • Ankle rolls (heal to toe)
  • Walking knee hugs (foot on the ground to stay flat)
  • Arm swings forwards
  • Arm swings backwards
  • Arm swings alternate
  • Hips walks (either leaning on opposite leg or use one had on ankle one on knee)
  • Forward lunges
  • Squats x 10
  • Walking hamstrings
  • Pelvic Floor activation with band
  • Side skips x 2
  • High knees x 2
  • Leg swings sideways x 10 each leg (back straight)
  • Leg swings back & forward x 10 each leg (back straight)

Before you return to running assessment (page 16 of guidelines)

For anyone wanting to start back running postpartum you should be able to achieve the following without pain, heaviness, dragging or incontinence:

  • Walking 30 minutes
  • Single leg balance 10 seconds
  • Single leg half squat 10 repetitions each side
  • Jog on the spot 1 minute
  • Forward bounds 10 repetitions
  • Hop in place 10 repetitions each leg
  • Single leg ‘running man’: opposite arm and hip flexion/extension (bent knee) 10 repetitions each side

Strengthening exercises

In order to ensure key muscle groups are prepared for running

  • Single leg calf raise x 20 each leg
  • Double leg bridge x 10
  • Single leg half squats x 5 each leg x 2 sets
  • Side lying abduction (clams) x 20 each leg
  • Squats x 10 x 2 sets
  • Crab walks (can add band) forward x 10 backwards x10
  • Crab walks (can add band) left x 10 right x10