Anti-Doping Awareness Online

Anti-Doping Awareness (Online) Workshop

This module has been created to provide coaches with a basic level knowledge of Anti-Doping rules and regulations. With all the doping issues that surround sport it is essential that the coach and athlete are aware of the risks and consequences of any actions they take.


What can I expect?

This module includes interviews with Anti-Doping Education Coordinator David Walsh, and it also contains an example testing video, where British athlete Lynsey Sharp goes through a urine collection procedure with a DCO (Doping Control Officer).

The module is accompanied by an assessment at the end. In order to complete this module you will need to successfully complete this assessment.

The module can be completed in under an hour, but you can work at your own pace.

You can exit the module when you wish to do so and return to it without losing any of your progress.

The slides used during this module are available for you to download and/or print, should you wish to do so.


How do I access this workshop?

The Anti-Doping Awareness workshop is accessed free of charge through the British Athletics website. You can login to the website using your URN (coach license number) and password. If you don't know your login details please read the HELP section for more details.